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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  March 28, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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next at 6:00, a bay area artist tragically killed the a fire, being remembered with a look at his life's work. another attempted kidnapping kidnapping in abay area community. this time a gun was pulled. a weekend could turn hot before it comes to an end. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. good evening and thank you for joining us i'm matt keller. tonight a bay area artist who was killed in a fire is being remembered for his impact on the lives loved ones and the worked he created. daniel mo thomas and a videographer were killed when a fire tore through their oakland apartment. we're live the gallery in san francisco with a look at tonight's remembrance.
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>> reporter: that memorial is wrapping up right now as we speak, but family, friends and former coworkes are mo thomas gathered at the gallery behind me to be surrounded by mo's work. and each piece has a very specific story. this one titled, grand slam features rose petals and dirt from his grandmother's garden. she raised him and his aunt says his sculpture was a tribute to her. friends dedescribe mo as unique, and deeply creative and would gather objects objects and then weave them together to create new pieces. sadly most of his work disappeared in the fire. at the galley people grieved because they lost mo and because the fire robbed the bay area art community of an artist with incredible potential. >> i think it's an incredible loss simply in what could have been. he has a lot of really important, significant things to say about the art community.
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>> he touched everybody in some ways somehow. one gentleman this morning called him a fixture of oakland and that wraps it up. >> reporter: mo thomas served as a waiter at a number of bay area restaurants and many of his former coworkers stopped by to pay tribute and tomorrow at classic car wrest in oakland there will be another memorial and tribute to his life. live in san francisco tiffani wilson, abc7 news. >> tonight parents in hayward an alert after another kidnapping attempt of a teenaged girl shep says the man in this sketch lured her into a car, pulled a gun, but she managed to escape. this is the third attempt in the area in last six weeks. cornell bernard is live with details. >> reporter: hayward police very concerned. they believe this man could be responsible for all three attempt kidnappings in the last month. the latest even more brazen involving a weapon. >> hayward police are looking
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for this man who trade to kidnap a teenaged girln. the 16-year-old was walking lodge from hayward high school when she was grabbed by a man and pulled into the back seat of his car. >> the can into the goo the vehicle on top of her in the back seat and produced a landgun. the victim was able to fight the suspect off and escape from the vehicle. >> reporter: the brave girl wasn't hurt. she ran home and called 9-1-1. she gave police enough information for this sketch. a hispanic or east indian man in his mid-20s 5'7" short beard, wearing a hoodie. it's similar to this suspect who tried to grab a girl walking home from tennyson on march 6th and this man who tried to kidnap another teen on february 20th. bother girls got away. >> we're investigating the possible the three incidents are related. >> this is petrifying. something you don't think will happen in your own neighborhood, but it's definitely something to
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worry about now. >> i'm glad she got away. it's really scary. >> reporter: this parent has six kids. police are now asking students to walk to and from school in groups. not alone. >> concerned about your kid walking home by. thes? >> all the time. they don't live too far from their school but you never know, they're no exception. i. >> reporter: the search for the suspect continues, in hayward. abc7 news. >> major track replacement project will create big travel delays for a weekend b.a.r.t. riders in oakland. track and ties need to be replaced between fruitvale and colosseum. the work will happen over the course of 11 spring and summer weekends and require b.a.r.t. to stop service between the stations so they can get to work on the critical project. >> over time the wheels grind the metal away and it gets to the point where we knock longer use it. we have to cult that out and put
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new rail in. >> a free bus bridge will be set up between fruit veil and coliseum. b.a.r.t. advise requireds to look for alternatives and expect long delays. another sunny day in the bay area with no rain in sight. anymore san francisco took advantage. hundreds back dolores park to soak up the sun. tomorrow could be even warmer. abc7 news meteorologist drew tuma has a look at live doppler 7hd. >> we need the rain but second best this time of the year warm temperatures and sunshine. live look from the east bay hills cam remark showing you've not a cloud in the sky. that sun still a couple hours up there and we have comfortable temperatures right now. san francisco 63. oakland, 65. half moon bay right along the coast, ocean water influence currently coming in with a
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temperature cooler at 59 degrees. if you're headed out on the town this evening early on, tons of sunshine. that sun going down at 7:29 p.m. plenty of stars by 9:00, and we're clear and cool by 11:00. and that will set the stage for an even warmer day on the way for sunday. look at the accuweather numbers in a few minutes. >> tens of thousands of people from 40 nations throughout the world are here in the bay area for one of sports entertainments biggest nights. wrestlemania, tomorrow is the big show at levi's stadium. torch several legends of the mat are being honored in san jose. lisa amin gulezian is live with more. >> reporter: you know, the hall of fame induction ceremony started a little while ago and ten big names of wrestling are being honored as we speak. including the late macho man randy savage and local san franciscan rakishi. he went to balboa high school and has family in the bay area, and even former governor and
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body builder, arnold schwarzenegger is going 0 into the wwes hall of fame celebrity wing. spoke with several super stars and legends on he red carpet. they're even a little amazed how much the wwe has grown over the years and how big wrestlemania has gotten. several wrestlers have ties to the bay area. >> this where is we celebrate our history. this is the foundation of this business and i'm looking forward to it. i'm looking forward to celebrating the induction of my cousin. such a hard worker, a great talent inning this business. >> seriously nothing better just to have that hometown feel it to and then i did access last night and this morning and the feel the love from everybody, i'm back and just a hometown girl. it's amazing. >> reporter: the hall of fame ceremony sold out in a week. once fans were able to start buying tickets in january. anywhere from 70,000 to 100,000 people will pack the south bay
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during the four-day-long wrestlemania event. majority of fans come from out of town which mean hotel managers are happy with their occupancy rates. the thought is that wrestlemania 31 will bring in more than $140 million to the south bay. live in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> still ahead at 6:00, san francisco is going green with its latest police station. plus sometimes the helpers need help. how a salvation army mobile assistance vehicle is getting back on the road sooner than thought. a few of the bay area razz leading ladies help young
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we're getting our first look inside san francisco's newest police station. we were there when the southern district station opened today in mission bay. new building on third street has a lot of green features. it collects rain water and use solar power to heat water and activate chilledded beams were installed to help with heating and cooling. the station can prayed up to 96 hours off the grid. this old station at the haul of justice was deemed unable to withstand earthquakes. pg&e has donated $5,000 to the salvation army after thieves stole equipment from their brand new mobile assistance vehicle. the vehicle was sent out to support the search for a missing 29-year-old earlier this week. the money from pg&e well help the salvation army buy what was stolen during the first use. nearly 100 bay area girls found inspiration today to chase
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their dreams. we were there at the when i grow up event at the merced library in san francisco today. prominent women talked about how they succeed ped in their fields and it's just as important for girls to chase careers as it is for boys. speakers included a rocket scientist and san francisco's first female fire chief. >> i learned that women can do anything that men can. >> very important to show girls examples of females that are in these careers and doing this work to be role models. >> reach for the stars. whatever you're interested in doing, pursue it with a passion, be determined and don't get discouraged. >> san mateo congresswoman jackie spieier held the event. >> the california drought is affecting the quality of beef. a hot weekend could get hotter tomorrow, meteorologist drew tuma drive is up next with
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the forecast. >> we have a full plate of sports on deck. hoops, golf hockey baseball, and rugby. two of the best in the country cal and st. mary's battltl
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the high heat at livestock ranchers concern. the longer the grass stays green the healthier the cattle but this years off to a dry start. here's more. >> reporter: billy freeman is the pied piper of the pasture. beef cattle follow him whenever
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he cruises through with alfalfa hey hay. this land is lush and green so a day in the 90s in march is not welcome because it dries up the feed. >> now we're seeing where mose producers have to decide whether to liquidate their cow herd or buy expensive hay which may be in short supply this year. >> reporter: cattle love to forage in the tall grass. this variety irtheir favorite but also the first to dry out and the process is off to an early start. >> it's looking like it's going to be a short year in terms of the quality of the forage production here in this part of california. >> reporter: he joe sees the herd for the con sever vans si which opens and manages this nature preserve and working cattle ranch. >> the local foods movement and the demands for grass-fed beef is increasing. >> but the drought has turned
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ponds into puddle. >> these poppeds for livestock water a that are typically full are now going drew. >> now water must be trucked in for the cattle. abc7 news. >> well, turning to weather we have had some really warm days here and looks like it's going to get even hotter this weekend we'll economic with drew and what is it looking like out there right now? >> it's gorgeous, sunshine, record highs today. between oakland and napa, temperatures got into the upper 70s and lower 80s. live doppler 7hd, you look above, see nothing but blue so no moisture on live doppler 7hd unfortunately. look outside. the memoryville camera showing you the sun, a comfortable evening ahead. the forecast calls for a clear sky, but that's going last a cool pretty rapidly. some of the north bay valleys into the 30s overnight tonight. a little warmer on the way for tomorrow. and unfortunately the next seven days show no signs of rain.
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out there right now, stepping outside, it's 75 in oakland. 81 warm degrees in antioch. 63 downtown san francisco, mountain view, 71. los gatos, 79. there's a bit of a breeze out there, a gust currently at sfo to 29 miles-per-hour. san carlos, and the wind is going shift more to the south and east, and that will bump our temperatures for sunday. the satellite and radar, not a cloud to be seen over the bay area, few high clouds trying to push into northern california because there's a cold front off to the west. the high pressure not going to allow the clouds to move in. what the front will do on monday, cool off our temperatures going into tuesday afternoon with no moisture unfortunately. overnight tonight, plenty of stars. 51 overnight low. san jose, and then tomorrow morning the doing bridge will be busy with runners. the rock 'n' roll half marathon.
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getting underway at 6:30 in the morning, temperature 51 degrees and when the race wrapped up temperatures around 5 degrees. so highs for your sunday in the south bay tomorrow, 80 in morgan hill. 80, san jose, 79 in cupertino. sunshine on the peninsula. 76 redwood city. 65 in pacifica. 72 south san francisco tomorrow. downtown san francisco 73. north bay, 80, santa rosa name in sonoma napa 81. along the coast, cooler, 63. for bodega bay. east bay, mid-70s, sunshine 76, san leandro, same in oakland. union city 77. antioch, warm at 84. san ramon, 81. the accuweather seven-day forecast, it's sun-soaked and warm tomorrow. partly sunny on monday as the cold front going through. tuesday we turn cooler, drop into the 70s, setting the stage for a springlike part
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term, wednesday, thursday friday temperatures more seasonal, low to mid-70s and and saturday, no indication of moisture. just cloudier and cooler, 60s. >> enjoy the nice temperatures while we have them. thank you. >> it's going to be so hot tomorrow we'll all want to be on ice but tonight the sharks are on ice. >> a little matinee. sharks and flyer. both usually in the post-sewn but most likely not this year. first period todd identity one. to center. puck disappears and reappears in net. credit the goal little joe. the goalie had no idea where the puck was. now 2 1-sharks in the third. crazed giroux, game tied. good in the shootout. slow motion attempt turned away. burns wins it right here, top
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shelf. 3-2 sharks the final but remain eight points out of the final playeroff spot. >> two of the best rugby teams in the nation cal and st. mary's, matched up today at a packed field in berkeley. back and forth the entire game. first quarter, gales down 8-3 look at the effort by malone any for the tie. the bears scoring 16 unansweredanswered to end the match. jake anderson kicks to himself and feeds -- who dives in and scores the go-ahead try. cal improves to 14-1 as they beat the gales 27-20. >> biggest battle in the country two really good teams and they've had the better of us the two out of the last three so important for us to get this today, and i'm proud to go out my last game with a victory. so credit to all the boys. they played hard. >> cactus league action. a's and white sox. we're a little more than a week airplane from opening day. scott kazmir looks ready.
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snags the cabrera comebacker in the perfect execution of the double play. kazmir 5-1/3. a's 5-4 in the eight. two-run shot to dead center. oakland wins 10-4. giants hold off the mariners 9-8. jake peavy was rock. five earned runs in three innings. the earthquakes looking for their third win in four games to start the year. luck not on their side in stormy boston. the deflection off the head of francis. bingham had no chance. new england scoring again off the set. the throw in front. second goal for a 2-0 lead. quakes didn't get shut out. wando on the penalty cake. revolution get the first win of the year 2-1. >> third round of the vallejo
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texas open. jordan spieth on the par-3 16th. tee shot off the grand stand. he would bogey the hole. trailing the leader by four strokes. walker, 9-under heading into the final round. >> ncaa tournament, elite eight kicked off today. the last pac-12 team is no longer arizona beaten by wisconsin in the west regional final. program kaminski and sam --er come ended for 56. 'the boys and girls state championships. bishop face in the division 2 championship. they blow it open in the second half. hill, tough angle. 53-31. wins sixth state championship. following the girls the
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archbishop boys. down three. the game-tying 3. on to overtime. and then second overtime when he hits the 3. again. ties at 70. then three seconds left. for the win. oh! la morada a winner, 71-070 in double-overtime. warriors and bucks your highlights at 11. >> 60 wins tonight if they win. franchise record our. next at 6:00 getting a leg up on life can be difficult when you lose all four paws. how this pooch is defying
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>> tonight us tonight on kofy tv 20. nasa is going wild west. why scientist want to saddle up on an asteroid and brick a bold-under back to earth. >> celebration in the bay area and how organizers hope it will help change the world. a rot whiler in colorado is just the second known dog to have four prosthetic limits and is taking the challenge in stride. he suffered frostbite and he had an amputation of all four paws shep has been given the chance to walk again without pain thanks to strangers who donated
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$10,000 for prosthetics. he requires a lot of physical therapy but is getting getting the hang of it. vets hope he can run again. brute tuesday is living with a foster family but it looking for a permanent home. he is a frisky puppy now. that's it for us a at 6:00. see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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